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Iskar dam

located only 40 km from Sofia and 20 km from Borovets ski resort. Favorite location for surfing, kayaking and fishing.


Perfect destination for scooter walk or for bigger adventurers - by bicycle. Wilderness and recreation facilities located on the banks and hotels. Sofia Rent Center recommends hotel complex "Camelot" for boats, there is a beach with sand and launching ramp for boats and water jets. For surfers we recommend camping “Shturkelovo gnezdo”, used for years by the citizens for surfing and fishing.

Lake Pancharevo

There’s no storm water, suitable for amateur and professional canoe & kayak. No restrictions for fishing boats usage with or without engines. Excellent place for a walk with a scooter or bicycle. At the foot of Lozen mountain, lake Pancharevo is only 15 minutes by car or motorcycle from the city center.

Dam Ognyanovo

Near the sea 25 km. Favorite fishing spot at the weekend. Pacific waters, suitable for all kinds of boats.

Dam Dushantsi

Not so close to Sofia (100 km), but worths the trip. Quiet and clean water in an ecologically clean area, away from cities. Surrounded by pine forests, dam Dushantsi is extremely quiet place, suitable for all types of boats. The area is suitable for tourist walks and biking also.

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